Welcome message


On behalf of Gamma Radiosurgery Center Debrecen, in conjunction with International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society (ISRS) and Radiotherapy Division of Clinical Center of Debrecen University in collaboration with World Federation of Neurological Societies Radiosurgery Committee, it is my pleasure to warmly welcome you to the ISRS Educational Course in Debrecen.


Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary. It is the cultural, economic and scientific regional center of the Northern Great Plain region. As the center of the region, Debrecen is both a familiar and modern metropolis sensitive to its environment and a traditional city conscious of its outstanding cultural and historic and scientific heritage. Thus, Debrecen is a distinctive mixture of old and new, traditional and unique, comfortable and exciting.


In the last decades and especially recently, radiosurgery and radiotherapy has changed a lot. In 2007 Gamma Radiosurgery Center was established in the Clinical Center. It gave new opportunities for people living with intracranial diseases. In the last 12 years more than 4500 patients were treated. Our results show the valuable work we have done. But new technics, new protocols appeared so we must follow the flow, the new trends. To transfer this knowledge, we invited many national and international speakers.


Now we invite also you here to take part on our course that will cover SRS/SRT in management of malignant intracranial tumors, lung, abdominal, and prostate cancers, as well as medical physics for radiosurgery.


We look forward to welcoming you to Debrecen and we wish you a stimulating and productive participation in the ISRS Educational Course as well as an enjoyable stay.



József Dobai M.D. Neurosurgeon

Course Director