APRIL 11, 2019 (Thursday)



Greetings (8.30 – 9.00)

Rector of Debrecen University, Professor Zoltán Szilvássy (Debrecen, Hungary)

President of ISRS Mr. Ian Paddick (London, UK)


Session I (9.00 – 10.20): Management of Brain Metastases: Overview

Moderators: Árpád Kovács (Debrecen, Hungary), Mikhail Chernov (Tokyo, Japan)

Intracranial Metastases of Solid Cancers: Overview

Gábor Méhes (Debrecen, Hungary)

Current Role of WBRT in Management of Brain Metastases

Árpád Kovács (Debrecen, Hungary)

SRS/SRT of Brain Metastases: What We Have to Learn from Randomized Trials

Levente Jánváry (Budapest, Hungary)



Coffee Break (10.20 – 10.35)


Session II (10.35 – 11.55): Management of Brain Metastases: SRS

Moderators: Attila G. Bagó (Budapest, Hungary), Andrey Golanow (Moscow, Russia)

SRS for Brain Metastases: Current Status and Future Perspectives

József G. Dobai (Debrecen, Hungary)

SRS of Critically Located Brain Metastases

Ian McCutcheon (Houston, USA)

Radiosurgical Options for Large Brain Metastases

Pavel Ivanov (St. Petersburg, Russia)



Satellite Symposium of SCANOMED (11.55 – 12.55)

Moderator: Imre Fedorcsák (Budapest, Hungary)

PET imaging, as a guidence of metastasis directed therapies in prostatic cancer

Ildiko Garai

Metabolic delineation of moving lung targets with FDG-PET

Zsolt Hascsi

PET/CT based radiation planning in brain malignancies

Bernadett Szűcs


Group photo / Lunch / Visit to Debrecen Radiosurgical Center (12.55 – 14.15)



Satellite Symposium of VARIAN (14.15 – 15.15)

Moderator: Árpád Kovács (Debrecen, Hungary)

Edge® Radiosurgery: New Capabilities in High-Precision SRS

David James, Varian Medical Systems International AG

Clinical Experience with Calypso® tracking in SABR for Pancreatic Tumours

Domagoj Kosmina, MSc., Radiochirurgia Zagreb



Session III (15.15 – 16.35): Management of Brain Metastases: Surgery + SRS

Moderators: László Bognár (Debrecen, Hungary), Roberto Martinez-Alvarez (Madrid, Spain)

Role of Surgery for Brain Metastases in the Era of Radiosurgery

Attila G. Bagó (Budapest, Hungary)

Radiosurgery for Tumor Resection Cavity after Removal of Brain Metastases

Sujit Prabhu (Houston, USA)

Preoperative SRS before Resection of Large Brain Metastases

Andrey Golanov (Moscow, Russia)




Coffee Break (16.35 – 16.50)



Session IV (16.50 – 18.10): SRS/SRT of Parenchymal Brain Tumors

Moderators: Imre Fedorcsák, Ian McCutcheon (Houston, USA)

SRS/SRT in Management of High-grade Gliomas

Irina Zubatkina (St. Petersburg, Russia)

SRS/SRT in Management of Low-grade Gliomas

Roberto Martinez-Alvarez (Madrid, Spain)

SRS/SRT for Malignant Intracranial Tumors in Pediatric Patients

Andrey Golanov (Moscow, Russia)




Plenary Lecture (18.10 – 18.55): SRS/SRT of Intracranial Extra-axial Malignant Tumors

Yoshimasa Mori (Tokyo, Japan)

Moderator: Imre Fedorcsák (Debrecen, Hungary), Ian McCutcheon (Houston, USA)


Closing Remarks for the First Day (18.55 – 19.00)


APRIL 12, 2019 (Friday)



Session V (9.00 – 10.20): Medical Physics for Radiosurgery

Moderators: Mihály Simon (Debrecen, Hungary), Ian Paddick (London, UK)

Radiobiology of High Doses: Modeling of SBRT, SRT and SRS

Ian Paddick (London, UK)

Inhomogeneous Dose Distribution in SRT of Intracranial Malignancies: A Strategy for Improving Efficiency

Irina Zubatkina (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Hypofractionation: Rationale and Advantages

Mihály Simon (Debrecen, Hungary)



Coffee Break (10.20 – 10.35)


Plenary Lecture (10.35 – 11.20): Imaging for Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Irina Zubatkina (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Moderators: Ervin Berényi (Debrecen, Hungary), Pavel Ivanov (St. Petersburg, Russia)


Satellite Symposium of ELEKTA (11.20 – 12.20)

The paradigm shift of Gamma Knife radiosurgery for Melanoma brain mets at the era of Immunology

Jean Regis (Marseille, France)


Lunch (12.20 – 13.20)


Plenary Lecture (13.20 – 14.05): SRS/SRT of Primary and Metastatic Lung Cancer

Ferenc Lakosi (Kaposvár, Hungary)

Moderators: Árpád Kovács(Debrecen, Hungary), Leszek Miszczyk (Gliwice, Poland)


Plenary Lecture (14.05 – 14.50): SRS/SRT of Pancreatic and Liver Cancers

Antonia Lavorato (Oxford, UK)

Moderators: Levente Jánváry (Budapest, Hungary), Leszek Miszczyk (Gliwice, Poland)



Plenary Lecture (14.50 – 15.35): Irradiation of Gastrointestinal Cancers

Alexander Pankratov (Moscow Region, Russia)

Moderators: Levente Jánváry (Budapest, Hungary), Leszek Miszczyk (Gliwice, Poland)



Coffee Break (15.35 – 15.50)



Plenary Lecture (15.50 – 16.35): SRS/SRT of Primary and Recurrent Prostate Cancer

Leszek Miszczyk (Gliwice, Poland)

Moderators: Ferenc Lakosi (Kaposvár, Hungary), Antonia Lavorato (Oxford, UK)



Plenary Lecture (16.35 – 17.20): Proton Therapy: Current Indications and Results

     Nikolay Vorobyov (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Moderators: Ferenc Lakosi (Kaposvár, Hungary), Antonia Lavorato (Oxford, UK)


Closing Lecture (17.20 – 17.35): ISRS, Its Current Activities, and Future Projects

Mikhail Chernov (Tokyo, Japan)

Moderator: József Dobai (Debrecen, Hungary)


Closing Remarks / Certification (17.35 – 17.45)